In the Earth

In the Earth” is a series of 3 illustrations.

They are exhibited in CICLA, the original illustration exhibition of the international children’s literature prize Chen Bochui. It takes place from November 13th to December 20th 2019, at the Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Museum, where the awards ceremony for international children’s literature Chen Bochui 2019 is also held.

My Artwork represents a city girl who dreams of living in nature, of feeling and being part of it.

The girl is fascinated by the world of plants and flowers, she studies them, she draws them, she looks out of her window dreaming of a magical place, a green oasis. The girl decides to visit this place full of plants and flowers of extraordinary beauty and decides that it is there that she wants to stay. A return to nature in a world that is destroying it seems possible only in a dream. But love for nature and respect for it, if shared by all, can make this dream become reality.

The color palette I chose has very contrasting tones, dark and other bright shades, and wants to accentuate this dreamlike atmosphere that is the basis of this story. The three illustrations are linked together by a floating universe made up of meticulous details and light shadows.

Green Oasis
Back to nature