Look Inside

Pattern Design Project by me and my friend Lilia Labellarte Art Director.






The geometric elements present in the images, interlaced within female figures, symbolize what every woman should be able to have and to aspire: power, freedom, autonomy and choice.


Be ambitious and achieve your goals


Be yourself without fear of being judged


Be confident in your actions


Decide your future

The woman who wears this pattern is an ambitious woman who is not afraid to show what she worths, free from any prejudice. She is proud of herself and of her abilities.

She is a woman who works and supports other women to network.

This pattern wants to be a wish, a hymn, an incitement, an inspiration and a warning for all women.

The clear message of inspiration that comes out from this work is reinforced by the reflective construction of the elements, that should be an inspiration, an example and a model for a positive change.


pattern design project


all images © Caterina delli Carri
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Caterina delli Carri